Customer service and order delivery

In DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture not only products, but also order processing meets the highest requirements. Already at the stage of ordering, you know that your expectations carefully were heard out.

  • Get advice on choosing the products that will be most effective in your interior.
  • Choose the product option (in case of furniture and washbasins available in different variants).
  • Establish details of the order directly with creator and designer or the DESIGN EPICENTRUM owner.
  • You can be sure that the project is supervised by the designer of project.
  • Very attractive forms and conditions for payments.
  • We care about durable and fully secure packaging for transport – wooden boxes and thick cartons.
  • Guarantee of free shipping to any place in the world. We entrust the order to professional forwarding companies.

Designers of DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture

Piotr Marek

The founder and owner of DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufactory, is able to combine the business style of thinking about the company and modern – about the design. Only he could in imagination combine desks and sofas with fronts of luxury racing cars, achieving SUCH an effect.

He is guided by a motto: Quality is not an act, it is a habit. (Aristotle)

Desks and racing sofas

Why we feel so great behind the wheel of fast sport car? Because racing car is not only a technology, but also unique emotions, adrenaline and power. Now we have closed them in unique desks and sofas of racing style, with realist models of the fronts of cars.

Piotr Marek

Owner, designer and maintainer of the collection

We recommend desks and racing sofas to:

  • shops and car showrooms
  • car rental
  • clubs, entertaining premises, disco
  • arrangement of exhibition spaces, stands at fairs, events, mass and sports events
  • five stars hotels
  • private homes, flats and apartments
  • offices and registered offices of automotive companies
  • entertainment centers, including facilities for computer players
  • exhibition of exceptional cars
  • arrangement of public spaces

Adam Walc

Master of mood creation in interiors, he is fascinated by creation of unusual furniture from rare material – solid palm wood. In his projects, he is inspired by an original shape of wooden beams.

His motto: Genius is an eternal patience. (Michaelangelo)

Solid palm wood furniture
The man instinctively seeks contact with the nature. If the raw materials acquired from it are in our most immediate environment, they bring peace, order and sense of inner harmony to our lives. Designing the collection of solid palm wood furniture we gave the closeness of nature and mysterious beauty of exotics to enthusiasts of beautiful interiors.

Adam Walc
Designer and maintainer of the collection

Furniture of palm wood is a perfect decoration for objects, such as:

  • residences, houses, luxury apartments
  • five, six and seven star hotels
  • SPA, wellness centers
  • restaurants and clubs
  • summer and winter gardens, terraces, orangeries
  • relaxation area on indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • service centers
  • exclusive furniture stores and galleries offering the art

Furniture from this collection we also recommend to developers property – to interior and showroom decoration.

Damian Wanek

Patient and concentrated visionary, he chose the most difficult and most demanding material – stone. His washbasins of rock crystal and marble (mosaics inspired with the animal world) are real work of art.

He is guided by a motto: To be permanent doesn’t mean to start, but to persevere. (Leonardo da Vinci)

Washbasins of rock crystal and marble
When it is carved in rock crystal and marble, it’s like a duel of two powers. The stone and man fight hard. And the fight is to grant the shape, which we expect from solid rock. In projects of stone washbasins we curbed the rock crystal gleaming like a diamond and old raw marble.

Damian Wanek
Designer and maintainer of the collection

Stone sinks – recommendations:

  • exclusive apartments and villas
  • interior design, created by developers
  • luxury hotels
  • department stores and shopping malls
  • clubs and restaurants
  • antique and modern residences
  • yacht interiors

DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture – beautiful and unique projects

Limited editions

Products from the DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture’s offer are always available in limited edition. We produce only 44 pieces of the given model. Each one is marked with an individual number and confirmed with certificate of the originality.

Unique projects

If we produce each model in one edition - it means that worldwide there are only 44 pieces of such furniture. This design approach causes that products of DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture are unique and their value increases over time.

Elegant and valuable

Palm furniture, desks and sofas inspired by cars or stone washbasins are remarkable interior decoration, but also an attractive investment.

Only to order

We produce sinks and furniture only to individual order. The entire production process is carried out manually. The waiting time for prepared realization is from a few to several weeks.

The highest quality

Good ideas take time. Therefore, in DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture we elaborated every project in the smallest details, and then we making it from the highest quality materials. You receive a product, which is characterized by precision and perfection of workmanship.

Design with flair

The elegance not has to be boring. Even the most tasteful furniture can look lightly and with finesse. We always remember about it in design.

History of DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture

Probably nothing would happen, if one day three students from the department of interior design didn’t meet. They wanted to create something unusual. Each of them had a different idea, but all were fascinated in the same field: design. They had the same vision to change the interior on better – friendlier, comfortable and unique.

They are motivated by one thought: “If you can’t change the world on better, let’s change at least the nearest environment – so that people feel better in it”. But it won’t be possible to accomplish this purpose by opening the factory of identical furniture or gadgets. Therefore, three students put on craft work, manual making every product and improving it with trial and error approach. In the inconspicuous building, under the number 44 they opened DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture.

Two decades later, much has changed. The creators of company create today a perfectly well-coordinated team of designers, with many years of experience in creating unique elements of interior design. They are responsible for their role, do not recognize compromises, and require effects. Nevertheless, all DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture products are produced by hand. And the company is accompanied by the number 44 -that’s why today all models of furniture and washbasins are produced in limited editions, exactly 44 pieces.