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It’s a bed of solid wood from resort furniture collection of the DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture. This impressive shape of palm beams and unique finishing of braided palm cause that furniture won’t be mistaken with any other furniture. Wooden beds are hand made to order. In the set are also two night cupboards in the same style.

Dimensions in cm: 200 / 200 / 43 (W / D / H) (internal bed dimensions)
240 / 240 / 43 (W / D / H) (external bed dimensions)

Mattress is not included

Convenient transport - bed shipped in 6 parts - very simple assembly

MB-01 caribbean furniture - beds 01 Quick contact

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    Caribbean style design of solid wood bed refers to tribal products. Natural structure of palm balls gives this furniture a unique decoration. Finishing of braided beds is also inspired by traditional handicraft product.

    Dimensions in cm: 200 / 200 / 43 (W / D / H) (internal bed dimensions)
    240 / 240 / 43 (W / D / H) (external bed dimensions)

    Mattress is not included

    Convenient transport - bed shipped in 4 parts - very simple assembly

    MB-02 caribbean furniture - beds 02 Quick contact

      Light visually and extremely impressive wardrobe of solid palm wood is based on a very elaborate combination of elements. Sides and door made of decorative strips with dynamic, oblique layout, we captured in a construction of thin, rounded slats. This island room furniture makes a cozy, oriental atmosphere in the interior. Every copy is produced by hand.

      Dimensions in cm: 128 / 60 / 190 (W / D / H)

      Convenient transport - wardrobe shipped in 2 parts - very simple assembly

      MB-03 caribbean furniture - wardrobe 01 Quick contact

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        Deep and comfortable solid wood sofa impresses with its simple, unforced design. It is reliable and comfortable. This Caribbean single piece of furniture is enough to create a dream space for rest and relaxation in the living room. Thoughtful design of wooden sofas decides on the high comfort of its use.

        Dimensions in cm: 210 / 101 / 73 (W / D / H)

        MB-04 caribbean furniture - sofas 01 Quick contact

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          It’s an intelligent, modular set of exotic solid wood. This piece of tropical furniture can be a long comfortable sofa – or the entire three-piece set of smaller sofa and two corner armchairs. At any time it is possible to change their placing: thanks to smart design, this set doesn’t need to be connected – just slide individual elements.

          Dimensions in cm: 280 / 101 / 73 (W / D / H)

          MB-08 caribbean furniture - sofas 02 Quick contact

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            It’s an original armchair – perfect sitting resort furniture, also for the garden. Impressive natural palm wood with a unique natural pattern was complemented by solid brass finishes in a warm shade. Shaped low backrest and armrests support resting, even in half-lying position.

            Dimensions in cm: 110 / 101 / 73 (W / D / H)

            MB-11 caribbean furniture - armchair 01 Quick contact

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              Their simplicity is one of the most wonderful features of Caribbean furniture. Tropical in the form bookshelf gained extraordinary lightness exactly due to simple construction. The furniture was made of wooden strips and beams, in warm colors of palm wood. Its design is harmonious and lucid. Handmade wooden bookcase is an investment for many years.

              Dimensions in cm: 120 / 40 / 206 (W / D / H)

              MB-13 caribbean furniture - bookcase 01 Quick contact

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                In the design of this chest of drawers we used an impressive contrast between light, dark and spotted palm wood with a unique natural pattern. This piece of island furniture was made by hand of solid wood. We obtained the simplicity of construction thanks to big, expressive elements, perfectly fitted.

                Dimensions in cm: 105 / 50 / 80 (W / D / H)

                MB-14 caribbean furniture - cabinets 01 Quick contact

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                  It’s one of the most decorative cabinet in the entire collection of Caribbean solid wood furniture in the DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture. Light wooden beams, connected with slats of dark wood with a shade of old wine look impressively. Small brass handles of the door and drawers enhance the decorative effect.

                  Dimensions in cm: 105 / 50 / 80 (W / D / H)

                  MB-15 caribbean furniture - cabinets 02 Quick contact

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                    Chair of solid, dark palm wood, with original finishes. Dynamic, geometrical tropical design brings to mind the work of tribal art – here it has been disciplined and enriched by modern thought of contemporary designer. An additional advantage of this chair is the comfort of use – high backrest and comfortable seat.

                    Dimensions in cm: 50 / 63 / 140 (W / D / H)

                    MB-16 caribbean furniture - chairs 01 Quick contact

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                      Exoticness and fantasy joined forces in this unique resort furniture project of DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture. Chair of solid palm wood we have enriched with a dynamic layout of lines and varied color of wood. Durability of workmanship and finishing touches – sharp tempered angles with small braids – provide a harmonious form.

                      Dimensions in cm: 50 / 63 /140 (W / D / H)

                      MB-17 caribbean furniture - chairs 02 Quick contact

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                        Harmonious dark and spotted palm wood consist in the design of table. All advantages of rare material have been properly exposed: unique structure, original shape of balls and their characteristic smooth surface. Caribbean solid wood table is a perfect decoration of cozy, romantic interiors. It can be used also as garden furniture.

                        Dimensions in cm: 105 / 65 / 42 (W / D / H)

                        MB-18 caribbean furniture - table 01 Quick contact

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                          This night table is available as a separate piece of furniture or in a set with bed of tropical solid palm wood. Simple construction and durable material make it reliable, while finishes provide refined appearance.

                          Dimensions in cm: 55 / 50 / 40 (W / D / H)

                          MB-21 caribbean furniture - night tables 01 Quick contact

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                            This night table made of solid palm wood was equipped with a practical cupboard. Short palm beams constitute the frame for door and sides of cupboard, made of thinner strips. Resort furniture is held in bright color of natural wood. Enthusiasts of unique interior decorations will appreciate exceptionally careful workmanship of this table. Tropical furniture is offered as a separate piece of furniture or in a set with bed.

                            Dimensions in cm: 55 / 50 / 40 (W / D / H)

                            MB-22 caribbean furniture - night tables 02 Quick contact

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                              This night table is provided with cupboard, which looks like a precious souvenir from long exotic journey. Very interesting pattern of island furniture was made of a combination of different balls width, as well as smaller and larger palm strips in a bright, natural shade. Design of this table is dominated by soft edges and rounded lines. Night table is available in a set with solid wood bed or as separate bedroom furniture.

                              Dimensions in cm: 55 / 55 / 45 (W / D / H)

                              MB-23 caribbean furniture - night tables 03 Quick contact

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                                This tropical night table is in Caribbean style. For its workmanship we use palm material in two shades: the top and shelf of light strips are covered with spotted wood. Resort furniture will satisfy even the most demanding enthusiasts of ecological furniture and admirers of unique interiors. Night table made of solid wood is available to order – it is a set with bed or single piece of equipment.

                                Dimensions in cm: 55 / 55 / 45 (W / D / H)

                                MB-24 caribbean furniture - night tables 04 Quick contact