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Racing desks created by DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture are characterized by much more than only an original idea. The style of this furniture and their unique line will appeal to admirers of modern design. Exclusive desks constitute essence of sport cars – defiant, go-getting and expressive. It’s like all emotions that are associated with fast ride on a professional racetrack.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Collection of racing desks inspired by race cars is a fulfillment of dream of the automotive enthusiasts, but also interior designers. A realistic reference to the sport car perfectly fits in the decor of automobile company, car dealership, as well as amusement arcade or entertainment centers. The mobility of desks makes them an attractive decoration of company stands during fairs and events.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Creating exclusive racing desks we have taken into account that in addition to decorative function, they are also supposed to meet an important functional function. Each of them is a very attractive interior decoration, and at the same time – from the user point of view – a very comfortable piece of furniture for everyday work. Behind the uniform, smooth fronts, we hid spacious cupboards and drawers for papers and utensils.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Unique desks from the collection of DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture are made from the highest quality materials, above all of fiberglass. Durable, scratch-resistant worktop and fronts of cupboards and drawers much extend the product longevity. The color of front desks and sofas depends on the user’s preferences – you can choose out of over 200 colors from RAL palette. For extra charge we can equip the desk in visible in a photo glass shelf.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Each racing desk is made to order. It is an only way to purchase this exceptional piece of furniture. Thanks to preliminary conversation with the Customer we can establish both colors and technical details. We are open to all wishes of the ordering party – if we only have technical possibilities to carry them out.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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We mentioned that the most important idea in terms of racing desks design is to capture in a static furniture form the entire dynamics of sports cars. In this case, it is necessary to elaborate each detail perfectly. The quality of workmanship is best seen exactly in details – even such as realistically reconstructed floodlights. For extra charge we can equip them with backlight. We encourage you to use this option, particularly if the exclusive desk will be exhibited in the evening, in dimmed light.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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On what modifications of the exclusive desks most often decide Customers of the DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture? The simplest way to personalize your furniture is to give it an individual color scheme. The colors of sport car hood, fronts of cupboards and drawers, as well as brake discs can be changed without extra charges to any colors from RAL palette – up to 200 colors. Moreover, there is a possibility of paid alteration of the color of wheel rims.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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The gloss of varnish, streamlined shape and dynamic lines of these racing desks are presented as they were supposed to be on track. They constitute the main decoration of every space. Next to such furniture is not a way to pass indifferently…

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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The collection of racing desks is perfect as the equipment of reception and customer service positions. Therefore, ordering can supplement the specification of furniture with a shelf assembled under the top for computer keyboard. This option will also be enjoyed by enthusiasts of computer games interested in making desks for private apartments. Adding a shelf is a paid service.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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The possibility to select individual colors of racing desk and additional options provide a special significance, when it is supposed to be given as a gift. If the Customer doesn’t have specified expectations as for colors and equipping the product, in DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture can use advice of our designers. They will suggest an aesthetic colorful composition, as well as – based on conversation – will suggest, what additional options it is worth to use.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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One of additional options available in ordering racing desks is an assembly of glass shelf not above the top, but directly above the car hood. This gives us a surface on which you can present chosen products as promotional materials. This solution is recommended in case of exclusive desks ordered to the fair and events.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Just modify the color of racing desk to entirely change its appearance. We encourage you to use these colorful possibilities. Whether it will be your company colors or rather impressive composition, suitable for colors of the given room? Or perhaps repeating the most important color accents in the event decoration? The decision belongs to the Customer.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Thus are fulfilled dreams of automotive enthusiasts. The luxury effect consists of many factors: well selected colors, quality of materials and, of course, care of workmanship. Racing desks are produced only in one place in the world – DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Why it is worthwhile to buy our racing desks and racing sofas:

  • because they are made of elite fiberglass
  • because it is available in 200 possible color-desks
  • because we provide very attractive payment conditions
  • because we can advise professionally if you do not know what to choose
  • because desks are handmade to the finest detail
  • because they belong to a unique community
  • because you are individualist and you put to the originality
  • because no one else in your environment will have such a design
  • because you want to besurrounded by beautiful and unique objects
  • because we guarantee dispatch to the whole world
  • because to furniture transport we use only best shipping companies
  • because furniture are packed into wooden box and/or sturdy cardboard

Optional to desk or desks you can order:

  • other color of the top than black
  • front lightings
  • glass shelf above the top of desk
  • other color of wheel rims than black
  • glass shelf above the car’s hood
  • shelf under the top to computer keyboard
  • LED lighting under the desk