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Luxury racing sofas are designed and produced only in one place in the world: in DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture. They constitute a unique combination of realistic sport cars and comfortable seats with elegant leather upholstery. Next to such furniture is not a way to pass indifferently – they are created to play a main role in the space arrangement.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Truly Hollywood racing sofas inspire interior designers. In a photo is one of the most impressive projects with their involvement. An outstanding designer, Joanna Pietras, is the designer of this interior arrangement. From the first conversation on exclusive sofas for her Customer, we already knew that this will be an unusual undertaking, elaborated in the smallest details.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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White and red racing sofas provide decoration of this unique private garage, in which collection of 50 luxury cars is exposed. Two-storey hangar is located in the Ontario, Canada. Furniture created by DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture creates a perfect atmosphere of this interior. Just take a look at photos of this place to literally hear whirr of engines and feel the power under hoods of collected here cars.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Racing sofas have taken a unique place in this space. Placed close the barrier fitted with glass on the second level of hangar, are so to speak in the centre of situation. Sitting on them you can comfortably see the entire collection in garage. Racing sofas were arranged in such a way to provide separate, particularly prestigious zone.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Exclusive racing sofas used in this project are an excellent example of optimally selected colors. Designer of garage project in a subtle and refined way copied the dominant colors of the entire interior design in colors of the sofa. White hangar with red decorative accents, sofas are also white, complemented with red leather upholstery. The whole constitutes reference to national colors of Canada.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Intensive red upholstery from a distance already attracts attention. Standard color of racing sofas upholstery is deep black, but we can charge it to any color for extra charge. We can also combine in one upholstery cover in different colors. Thanks to that we precisely fit the project to individual Customer’s expectations.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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In spite of impressive, decorative front, imitating sports cars, the racing sofas look lightly. Streamlined and dynamic lines are trademark of fast cars, which were a source of inspiration for furniture from this collection. Both exclusive desks and sofas look as were supposed to start on a professional racetrack.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Thanks to the possibility to control everything in the project, you get much better and truly satisfactory effects. An integral part of these racing sofas is front resembling sport cars – as well as comfortable leather seat. But the final appearance of furniture depends on the individual wish and Customer’s idea.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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We encourage you to experiment. In racing sofas you have a possible to freely and without any extra charges to change the color of hood and brake discs. For extra charge we can modify the color of wheel rims and upholstery – it can combine even two or more colors.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Irrespective of selected colors, unchanged remain the best quality of materials used in production of each racing sofa. It’s always made of durable and solid fiberglass and natural, soft, pleasant to touch leather.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Racing sofas presented in photos were made precisely according to the Customer’s wishes. Our designers are always on hand to help and advice, e.g. in interesting color solutions, ways of attractive presentation of furniture in the given space.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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An additional option available for Customers is lighting. Each model of racing sofa can be equipped with realistic headlights. For extra charge we can install backlighting, as well as LED lighting under the sofa. Turned on headlights is a good way to present the piece of furniture.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Exclusive furniture in sports car style is a unique with a very high collector’s value. Each next order on racing sofa reduces its number. Feel free to contact DESIGN EPICENTRUM Manufacture and confirm the reservation request.

Dimensions in cm: 190 / 160 / 80 (W / D / H)

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Why it is worthwhile to buy our racing desks and racing sofas:

  • because they are made of elite fiberglass
  • because it is available in 200 possible color-sofas
  • because we provide very attractive payment conditions
  • because we can advise professionally if you do not know what to choose
  • because sofas are handmade to the finest detail
  • because they belong to a unique community
  • because you are individualist and you put to the originality
  • because no one else in your environment will have such a design
  • because you want to besurrounded by beautiful and unique objects
  • because we guarantee dispatch to the whole world
  • because to furniture transport we use only best shipping companies
  • because furniture are packed into wooden box and/or sturdy cardboard

Optional to sofa or sofas you can order:

  • front lightings
  • other color of the leather upholstery than standard black
  • combining colored leathers, e.g. white with red, etc.
  • other color of wheel rims than black
  • LED lighting under the desk