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This rock crystal sink represents truly original design. The minimal form of crystal glass washbasins fit perfectly into the original bathrooms. An interesting, geometrical shape and beautiful line of the edge provide modern character of the entire collection. All products are made to order.

Dimensions in cm: 55 / 44 / 15 (W / D / H)

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Crystal glass washbasins it’s not only an interesting form, but also a unique material – rock crystal. Hard stone with diamond glaze and natural structure causes that individual products from this collection are unique. Sinks of rock crystal it is an inspiration, which it is possible to find in such prestigious places as a famous Harrods department store in London.

Dimensions in cm: 55 / 44 / 15 (W / D / H)

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The highest diligence of workmanship of the crystal glass washbasins can be seen in every detail. In manual processing of the stone we obtain a perfectly smooth surface and we can provide the natural advantages of rock crystal. Crystal glass sinks design is harmonious, but not boring.

Dimensions in cm: 55 / 44 / 15 (W / D / H)

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Full of elegance, cool marble and warming design of mosaic decorations with bird motives, derived from the ancient palace. The stone washbasin from this collection is worth to become a main ornament of bathroom. Products are handmade – intentionally aging them and keeping the natural inequalities of marble. Although every detail has been carefully planned, the whole gives an impression of carved over the time to the same extent as by the man.

Dimensions in cm: 97 / 46 /15 (W / D / H)

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Why it is worthwhile to buy our rock crystal sinks or decorated marble sinks:

  • because are made of untypical material
  • because lighted, crystal glass washbasin looks like the diamond jewelry
  • because the marble bowl is decorated artistic with mosaic
  • because the famous Harrods Trading House has in the offer a range of mountain crystal products
  • possibility of making the washbasin of crystal according to the individual project
  • because we provide very attractive payment conditions
  • because we can advise professionally if you do not know what to choose
  • because sinks are handmade to the finest detail
  • because they belong to a unique community
  • because you are individualist and you put to the originality
  • because no one else in your environment will have such a design
  • because you want to be surrounded by beautiful and unique objects
  • because we guarantee dispatch to the whole world
  • because to washbasins transport we use only best shipping companies
  • because the sinks are packed into wooden box and/or sturdy cardboard